Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Engagement Story

Brandon proposed on November 20, 2011. We had looked at rings in June and decided on a date (March 15th, 2012). However, his original proposal didn't work out and this was his "Plan B". After hearing his original plan, I actually like the way this worked out better. . .

We were scheduled to take our "Engagement Photos" on November 20th and I was kind of nervous about it since we weren't technically "engaged" yet. I knew Brandon had an elaborate plan he was working on but I still wished I could have a ring to wear for the pictures.

The morning of our shoot we both got dressed up and headed out to Liberty Hill to meet our photographer, Abby. We arrived as Abby was finishing our set-up. It was GORGEOUS!

She wanted us to start the shoot with me climbing the ladder. I saw the sign hanging in the tree but was so nervous about climbing the ladder in my heels I didn't really read it. 

Abby told me to read the sign out loud.

When I finished reading the last line, I turned around and Brandon was down on one knee. My eyes immediately filled with tears as I tried to wrap my head around this moment. 

He asked me to marry him, and after a few *stunned* seconds, I said "YES!". 

We laughed about how surprised I was for a little while and I just stared at the beautiful ring.

 Abby continued to take pictures and I am so glad she was there to document the whole thing!