Saturday, February 2, 2013

Week 5

One more week til daddy is home!!

This week has been good! I've gotten out of the house a bit more. I went to our community group last Sunday night and poor Avelyn cried the whole way! It was such a long twenty minutes! It was the absolute worst feeling in the world to hear your baby screaming and not be able to help. :( Once I got there she was fine, I think she wore herself out.

She has been sleeping much better (knock on wood)!! There were 4 nights this week that she slept 6 hours in a row! That is major progress. We started a bedtime routine as well and I think it helped. Around 6:30 she gets a bath with just plain water, then a lotion rub down/massage. After I put on her nightgown, I swaddle her and nurse her I the rocking chair. She is out by 7pm :)

She usually sleeps until 1 am but there was one horrible night thus week that she woke up every hour. Her mornings are pretty good and the 90 minute sleep cycle is very accurate. The afternoons have been different though. She basically snoozes all afternoon but just dozes in and out. I thought this was bad at first but she is sleeping fine at night (mostly) so I let her do her thing. It's not like there is anything I could do to change it anyway.

My friend holly gave me some supplements to increase my supply and it has really made a difference. The first is a tea called "sacred tea for nursing mothers" and I make it in a pitcher like ice tea and drink a glass or two a day. The other is an herbal liquid by Motherlove called MoreMilkPlus. I was pumping 3 oz or so (1 hr after a feeding) from both and after two days of using that stuff I pumped 5 oz! I can def see an increase in size as well. So any of you mamas that need help with this, buy them!

I lost a leeeetle bit of weight..down to 134.8. So just about half a pound. As long as it goes down and not up, I'm happy! I'm thinking of buying some new workout type clothes so at least I have more than two pairs of pants to wear. I refuse to wear maternity clothes. Anyway enough of's some pictures of my little bird!