Monday, March 4, 2013

2 Months

I've fallen off the update wagon lately. Avelyn has decreased the length of her naps to 30-45 mins at a time, which basically leaves me with NO time other than to shove some food in my face. So much has happened in the past month so I will try to remember everything.

2 month well check stats:

Length: 23" and 58%
Weight: 11.2 lbs and 44%
Head: 15" and 42%

Sleep-Baby A has started to go bed a bit earlier (6:30pm) and has extended her first stretch to 4-5am! I know how lucky I am to have a great sleeper. She usually goes right back to sleep after her 5 am feed and sleeps until 7:15. That's when we actually get up for the day. We still nap every 90 mins during the day.

Feeding-This hasn't changed too much. She eats about every 3 hours during the day. The part that has changed is that she eats both sides at almost every feeding. So, I produce the same amount as before, but it just all gets eaten in one sitting. :) I'm sure no one cares but this is mostly for me to remember.

She officially only wears 3-6 months now. This girl is loong!

We just received an enormous box from my Aunt Ellen yesterday filled with beautiful clothes. Seriously, I want to change her like four times a day now just so she can wear it all! She even got the most adorable snow suit she can wear when she is two or so and we go on a ski trip or go to visit grandma in Ohio. :)

That's one of the things that is so wonderful to see...everyone you love..loving your new love. Hehe ...Does that make sense? There is nothing better than someone you love, showering love on your baby.

Speaking of that, my momma came from Ohio to stay with me for a few days. It was so fun! We were pretty busy shopping and socializing and talking. It was pretty cool to see my mom being a grandma. Avelyn wasn't weary of her at all. Our theory is that our voices sound so similar.

 I had two dentist appts and my mom watched her for me. One of them was while Avy was awake. That was my first time leaving her awake with someone. She started crying while grandma was warming her bottle but the Dental Hygienist put the suction tool near my ear so I didn't hear her. I had no idea until after it was over..which was good because I woulda flown out of that chair! haha

She has really started smiling alot!!

Me: Post-partum weight loss is going ever so slowly. I'm now 132.8 lbs. My mom bought me some new clothes while she was here and that made such a huge difference in how I feel! I wish I would have done that sooner.