Monday, April 22, 2013

I Won a Giveaway!

Yeah, that NEVER happens! I will do every single thing I can to win (like it on FB, like it on Instagram, Tweet, go to their webpage, leave a comment)...and I NEVerrr win! Until now! Yayyy!!

I won this gorgeous custom-designed necklace by my blogger friend Sierra Alford. Her blog is called Us+One

She makes some beautiful stuff and she is my first online, blogger pal! :)


I got the flu a few days ago. It has been really (I mean really) rough to be sick with the baby by myself. At one point my fever was hovering around 103.5-103.7. Of course with a fever that high I was so COLD. I mean fuhreezing. I tried taking hot baths but I still had goosies. Anyway, this fever accompanied a sore throat, muscle fatigue, a cough, stuffed nose, and overall nasty feeling. I basically had zero appetite but forced myself to eat at least once or twice a day so that my milk wouldn't dry up. 

Avelyn also got sick which caused her to scream A.LOT. She wanted to not only be held..but walked around while being rocked in my arms. Which, when you're that sick, isn't easy. Especially for 2+ hours. Aye Yai Yai! Poor girl. She thankfully never got a temperature. Her symptoms were (from what mommy could tell) yucky feeling and a cough. Oh yes, and vomiting.

Yesterday I had to go to church because it was my week to do my service work there. I woke up hopeful to take a shower but Avelyn was really cranky and that just couldn't happen. I figured out why she was so fussy after she puked all over me (and the pillow and my hair). As disgusting as it is, I didn't have time to wash it out (GROSS I know) so I just had to put it in a ponytail. We set up a little camp upstairs away from everyone else so we could avoid infecting people. I brought her playmat and she behaved herself while I was doing my work. Yayy Baby!

The absolute worst part was sleeping. After rocking/walking Avelyn to sleep for over two hours. I finally got a minute to eat something and get in bed. She would wake up around 11:30 to eat again and after that I would try to sleep until her 2 am feeding. Unfortunately, I couldn't even do that because my stupid nose was so stopped up that I kept waking up. Anyway, she would eat at 2, but only one side. 45 mins later, she wanted the other side. Then 20 mins after that (right when I went back to sleep) she wanted to paci. The next time she woke me up I just brought her to bed with me! She finally slept through until 6ish but with my stuffed up nose and fear of squishing her..I probably got about 4 hours of sleep. The next night I just brought her to bed at 2 to avoid that whole fiasco and that helped me get about 3 in a row. yayy!!

In the meantime, my house looked like a warzone. Toilet paper bombs everywhere, dirty dishes, dirty clothes, baby clothes. YUCK!

Anyway, the worst is behind me. I'm not trying to sound all "Woe is me..all alone..!" because I had so many sweet friends offer their help! While I wished I could accept, I didn't want to get any of them sick too! Most of girlfriends have babies of their own and I couldn't do that to them!

Today is my second day of antibiotics and I am feeling much better. I was able to get the dishes done, a load of laundry, eat breakfast, and pick up. Whew!  Here are some recent pics!

Day 1 of sickness..not too bad.

Day 3 after church.. poor baby wouldn't stop crying until she finally passed out on me like this. I didn't move for 2.5 hours! poor little bird

Today she scooched herself pretty far from her blanket!

Why, hello there little girl!

She was blowing raspberries the entire way and covered herself (and parts of me too) in spit!

She refused to nurse this morning so I had to pump. She actually can hold her own bottle...

...for like a second!

If I don't strap her into her bouncy seat, this happens.

Chewing on everything!! Teething in full effect!

The picture below is of me as a baby. While I don't think Avy and I look much alike now..I see the similarities in our baby pics. Mostly in the cheeks, eyebrows, nose and mouth. She def has her daddy's eyes and forehead. :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

ME: 3 Months Post Baby

I remember scouring Pinterest and the web while I was pregnant trying to find real, honest blog posts about the mom post baby. It was hard. Everything that was written was just about the baby and most of all there were no photos of the naked post partum belly (btw I totally get that now.. you forget you exist). I wanted to see what real women looked like after having a baby so I had something to compare myself to other than the VS models who rock the runway 8 weeks after!!!

So prepare yourself, I have taken some photos. As tempting as it was to suck in the belly, I just relaxed and let it be. The whole point is to be honest right?

Here goes..

Yikes! You can't tell just how soft and squishy it is in the pictures..but you get the idea. is what it is. I would love to have more time in the gym. It's like a vacation..but I have yet to be brave enough to take the baby with me. I just picture finally getting in there. Getting my little station set up. Getting the baby a station set up. And then having her go ballistic!

Each week I tell myself I will try..and then Avelyn has a meltdown at home and I say.."Next Week". Ha!

Anyway, I will be going to the beach in almost exactly three weeks so this tummy will at least get some sunshine.

So what's new with me after having a baby? Where do I even begin? I am sure I won't really capture the total change but the first thing I noticed was how incredibly SELFISH I was. That was the biggest reality check. I went from doing whatever I want, whenever I now having to plan a week in advance and still having it not happen in the end.

I also learned that I am much more patient that I thought I could be. I have a pretty long buffer time in which the baby can lose her mind and I keep mine. After about 3 hours though, I start melting down. This usually translates into me not talking at all and just crying to myself. Thankfully, the rough days were few even in the beginning and they are farther and farther apart now.

I think the most important thing I have learned is unconditional love. This one thing has changed everything about me! I finally understand how God feels about me..and you! Let me tell you, once you try to wrap your head around's very difficult to be angry or judge people. I start thinking, "what if that was my child...". This in turn causes me to cry every time the news comes on. Especially in light of the Boston bombings....and the 8 year old boy...and even the 19 year old bomber. What if that was my child? Watching the news literally breaks my heart.

This is just a glimpse of how God's heart breaks for us Every Day. This is the single most powerful thing in existence. 

15 Weeks!

This beautiful angel has been costing me precious sleep...even more so than before. I haven't slept more than 90 minutes since week 12 and I think the adrenaline rush you get immediately following birth fades around week 12. At least, for me it did. That also happened to be when my precious angel decided to go through a growth spurt followed by sleep "regression".

I don't know why they call it regression because it's not really going backwards. Babies usually have trouble sleeping around this time because their little brains are learning so much they can't turn off! That is definitely true for little Avelyn!

She still hates her tummy time. When I put her on her tummy she tucks her legs up and gets on her knees. Then she wiggles back and forth grunting in frustration. She rolled over at 7 weeks a few times but hasn't done it since then.

She scooches while lying on her back. Now I have to keep an eye on her when I lay her on the floor. She will scooch until her head hit something and then just yell.

Speaking of yelling...she has found her voice! Oh yes, she talks up a storm. She loves talking!! If I am on the phone she talks even more (I think she thinks I am talking to her) and gets louder and louder if she thinks I am ignoring her. This definitely has cut some calls short! :)

She started blowing raspberries around week 13 and that still hasn't stopped. But, her newest thing is growling. This little girl growls all the time. She even growls at me in the middle of the night when I'm getting her out of her crib to feed her. It makes me laugh every time!

Speaking of  feeding her, breastfeeding is becoming more and more tedious. After her growth spurt, her feeding are now 30-45 minutes long. Waking up in the night to feed her wasn't too bad when it was only 15-20 minutes but the time I get back in bed I have to wake up again in an hour! Argh. I used to have my goal for breastfeeding to make it a it's 9 months. I still theoretically will probably go a year but making the end shorter in my mind helps my sanity right now. I know I will miss it when it ends..there really is nothing like it. Those middle-of-the-night quiet feedings rocking her in the dark...ahhh...its my happy place. Yeah, I am probably crazy :)

She wears only size 2 diapers now and she only wears size 6 month pants. She can wear 3-6 month dresses and tops because she is just long. She is still skinny in the middle so when something fits her in length it is usually baggy around her tummy. That's okay. She will grow into it. 

She holds her head up so well. I can actually carry her on my hip now. I found this out during my most recent shopping trip to HEB. I thought I would try out the shopping cart cover and brought an extra baby blanket to tuck around her for extra support. Well, it turns out, I have NO CLUE how to put that thing on the cart. She started getting frustrated by me taking too long and started screaming. . . so the cart cover went in the cart and the baby went on the hip. She really enjoyed her shopping experience this way. She loves going out in public now. She looks around and just soaks everything in.

And at last, there is starting to be some relief in the car riding department. This baby has now officially fallen asleep TWICE while I was driving. Woohoo! She also has only had a few real meltdown while back there. It makes me brave enough to try to leave the house almost every day. more post tonight..this one is going to be about me....

Photo Dump and Update

I am so bad at keeping up with this blog! I always think I am going to remember everything ...but I don't! So I am going to start updating more often. At least if I take a picture it helps me to remember what happened.

Avelyn learned to grab things and put them in her mouth. In fact, she puts everything in her mouth. Teething is in full effect! I am hoping to get a picture of her tooth for the blog but its so far in the back of her mouth, I only see it when she is screaming.

 I finally tried out our jogging stroller and it works! I waited until Avelyn could hold up her head because she hated riding in it lying flat on her back. She hates the sun getting in her eyes so I bought the sun cover that goes with this and I'll try that out tomorrow

 Avy's Nana and Grandpa Craig came to visit us this week. She got all dressed up for the occasion. Her Nana spoils her with the cutest outfits!

I love this one! She looks like such a little girl!!

My brother, David captured these of Avy and I playing "Airplane".

Avelyn has recently started growling...she seriously sounds just like a is HILARIOUS! Here is a pic of her and her uncle David growling together. Cute!!

My sis in law KJ brought us these gorgeous flowers! They are so bright!

I was spoiled by my friend Steph today when she brought me this (lactose-free) homemade pizza. Seriously, how lucky am I? I have been craving pizza for the past three months!

Ok..that's it for now. I am about to do a 15 week update and a 3 month post partum post for me! Stay tuned...

Friday, April 5, 2013

3 Months!!

It really feels like I JUST finished her 2 month post! Time really is starting to fly! This was a big month so I hope I don't forget anything.

She gave us her first laugh! It was for her daddy actually and it was the sweetest thing I have ever heard. We have been trying so hard to hear it again!

She is really interacting with us now and it has been so much fun! She and I talk to eachother alot. I am loving that B is home to play with her. They love eachother so much. He makes up songs for her and invents new games.

  Her sleeping schedule hasnt changed too much. She gets her bath at 6:30 pm and we do the bedtime routine of massage,jammies,lullabies and nursing. She is usually asleep by 7pm.

A big change this month is that she is sleeping in her own room! Her first night was at 11 weeks. I think the transition was much more difficult for me than her. I have a great video monitor that has night vision, so that has helped alot. It was important for me to do that before my hubby got home so we could have our own room again.

Her naps are much shorter than they used to be which makes it much harder for me to get anything done when B is offshore. She usually sleeps for about 30 mins at a time. Sometimes its only 10-15! Aye-yai-yai

She went through her 3 month growth spurt at 12 weeks and hasnt slept through the night since then. It has been quite exhausting. We are back down to waking up at 1:30 and 5:30 so Im hoping she will drop the 1 am feeding soon.

Brandon and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary and actually went on a date! We hired a babysitter for the first time. We were so nervous she would wake up screaming while we were gone. We picked a restaurant close to home to help ease our anxiety. The babysitter told us that she woke up once to have her paci back in her mouth and slept the rest of the time. I think it will still be a long time until we leave her with a sitter when she is awake but this was a very successful first step!

She has been getting much better at her hand/eye coordination. She can put her paci back in her mouth sometimes and she grabbed a toy and put it in her mouth for the first time last week.

A big surprise for me this month is that she has started teething. I thought this had started a few weeks ago because of the crazy amounts of drool and the chomping but I talked myself out of it because I thought she was too young. Well, sure enough, she had a tooth pop through on the back left of her gums. I think that is a pretty odd place for a first tooth so Ive put a call in to her doctor. I wasn't sure how to help with her teething pain but I found that wrapping an ice cube in a burp cloth and letting her chomp away helps her. It makes her mouth all red around the outside though.

She has tried to roll from her back to her tummy a few times but can't quite make it yet. We recorded a few of her attempts and it is so cute. She is getting really great at holding her neck up. She loves to be held over the shoulder now so she can look around. She hates facing me in the infant carrier now and I was so grateful when a friend showed me how I can flip her around. She likes that much better. She still hates her carseat and it worse now that she is more mobile. As soon as I put her in she starts squirming around and pulling her arms out. She likes to sit up straight and the carseat is at an angle. I wish I had as good of posture as she does sometimes! :)

I am not sure exactly how much she weighs but my guesstimate (weighing myself with her on the scale) is somewhere around 13 lbs. We don't have our next appt until 4 months unless the doc wants to see her about her weird tooth. She still wears size 1 diapers. Some 3 month clothing fits but mostly she wears 3-6 months. She wears some 6 months and even a couple 9 months. The sizing of baby clothes really needs some regulation. I am aware that this onsie is huge on her but it was the second all white one we tried and I didn't want to have to torture her by changing it again.

She met the Easter Bunny at our church picnic yesterday and it has hilarious because I got a little emotional about it. Apparently my hormones are still a little wacky. I cry so easily!!

I haven't had any huge weight loss. I finally got below 130 but just barely. I still hover right around that weight. I guess Im getting used to being a little bigger but I still really want to lose the weight. I think if I was the same weight but hadn't just had a baby it wouldn't feel so yuck. The annoying part is that my belly skin is still a little stretched out and super soft. It totally grosses me out. But, I've been told I just need to be a little more patient with myself. Im not going to get upset over it until after 6 months post partum. Recovery takes so much longer than I expected. I will try to update more frequently because I know I have forgotten so much already!