Monday, November 11, 2013


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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

10 Months

I am exactly one week late in getting this post up on the blog. The days just get busier and busier so let's just dive right in.

At 10 months...

...Avelyn still doesn't sleep through the night. We had a good stretch (6 days in a row) but as soon as her daddy went back to his ship that ended. I have tried everything and in the end I think she is just hungry. She nurses both sides each time she gets up. On a good night she will wake up twice and a rougher night will be four or five times. I bought some formula today and I am going to try to supplement her bedtime feed. I plan to nurse as usual but when she is done I will offer her the bottle and see if that helps. I have recently started pumping at night and I only get 3 oz per pumping session. That is leading me to believe I am not making enough milk. It can't hurt to try and I will update after a week or so.

...She is babbling more and more. She makes new sounds every day. So far, the only things I know she says is Mama, Dada and Yeah. She understands so much more. She knows when I tell her No and she has started shaking her head when I say that...which makes it very hard to not laugh! I try to talk to her about everything we are doing and explain what it's all about.

...Potty training is going really well. She goes peepee in there 3-4 times a day. I offer the potty after every nap, before bath, and once mid-morning. I should really offer it more but I am just taking things slow. I tell her we are going peepee in the potty and put her on her seat. She swings her little legs and smiles at me. The trick to getting her to start going was for me to do it with her. I sat on the real toilet and peed (or pretended to) and when she saw that was when she started peeing. Now I don't have to do it. She hasn't gone #2 in there yet because it seems to happen at different times each day and I don't want to interrupt her after it has started.

...She is not walking yet but she is very close. She is still cruising on furniture and now she stands up for quite a while before falling. I have a feeling she will be a walker by the end of the month. I am in no rush but I am excited about it because I feel like she will have so much more to do once that happens.

...She Facetimed her bestie, Nandini yesterday and it was the cutest thing. We play with them 5-6 days a week either at Storytime, the mall, or our houses so they have gotten used to each other. Nandini is one week younger than Avelyn but you would never know that because she is much bigger and her hair is long. It is so cute to see little baby friendships and to watch them learn to share toys.

...Her solids are progressing very slowly. She eats an egg with cheese melted in it for breakfast and about 1/2 makes it in her mouth. She has graham crackers at the Y while I work out, a peanut butter sandwich for lunch, and a puree for dinner. The only puree she will is the Happy Baby Chick-Chick. I still offer her whatever I am eating for dinner and she tries it but she isn't really good at chewing yet.

...She still only has those 2 little teeth on the bottom! C'mon teeth!

...She is Miss Socialbutterfly. She gets really cranky if we are in the house too long and she LOVES Storytime, playdates, and the Y. It's great to get out of the house!

...She is down to only 1 nap per day. I was really fighting this for a while. I wanted her to nap in the afternoon because it gave me a break to get things done and also because I felt she needed the sleep. After putting her crib she would just play for about thirty minutes and then start yelling for me. If I didn't come that would progress to crying and after about a week of no sleeping in that time, I gave up. She hasn't seemed to miss it at all. Her morning nap is 1.5-2 hours long and I wouldn't mind if it was longer.

...She is very vocal about getting what she wants now! She will see me playing on my iPad and come over for it. If I don't give it to her, she will pinch me until I say, "OW!, No!" and then smile and do it again. Oh boy...I am in trouble.

...She loves to dance! Any time she hears music (and sometimes even when she doesn't) she starts bouncing up and down on her butt. She scoots backwards when she does it too. It is the cutest thing!!

Taking these pictures were SO HARD! I managed to get a few that weren't blurry so enjoy the cuteness!

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Happy Halloween from Avelyn and I! This was Avelyn's first "real" holiday and even though B is gone, I wanted to do it right!

After scanning Pinterest and Etsy for halloween costume ideas I decided I wanted Avelyn to be Raggedy Ann. After all this is the first and last halloween I will get to decide what she wears. The costume I found on Etsy was around $80 so I went to Kid-to-Kid the day they unveiled their costumes and found this for $17! What a steal right?!

We started off our day at Storytime with Miss Jane. We love Storytime! Avelyn gets to play with all of her friends and I get some grown-up conversation. win-win

(I got the cute name decal from GroopDealsz)

She stayed in her costume all day (except mealtime) and we went to a few of the neighbors houses to trick or treat. I told her she had to earn her keep and get Momma some candy!

After she went to bed, I hung out with my neighbors and passed out candy to the trick or treaters.