Monday, December 9, 2013

11 Months

I am really behind on this post. The days are just flying by and my little baby is almost 1!! It makes my heart hurt just realizing that this is the last month of her just being a baby baby. At the same time, it's really exciting to see how she is developing. She understands so much more now and she is talking non-stop (she probably got that from me). Most of what she says is gibberish but instead of being a repeat of the same syllable it is a mixture. I swear she said "call daddy" this morning and "doggie" at a friend's house.

She isn't quite walking yet. ..still lots of cruising. She took about 15 steps or so yesterday but I was right in front of her prompting her to take the next one. She hasn't walked much on her own.

Avelyn is one mischievous little girl. She does just about everything she knows she is not allowed to do. For example, she will crawl over to the air freshener that is plugged in and act like she is going to touch it. I will look at her and she starts shaking her head "no" because she KNOWS she isn't allowed to play with that. If I get there too late and she is already playing with it, she will hurry and try to plug it back in the wall before I get there.

She also gets her feelings hurt when she is in trouble. She has been biting me sometimes when she nurses. She used to think it was funny when I said OW so I started saying "NO MAAM" very sternly. Well it breaks her heart and she starts crying and then I feel horrible. Early discipline is a difficult thing to navigate.

Sometimes I will do a time-out if she persists in doing what is isn't supposed to. We don't actually sit in time out but I pick her up and tell her "You're getting a time out because you didn't listen to mommy" and then i place her in a corner of the room. She usually crawls right back to do what she isn't supposed to but after the second or third time she stops doing it and moves on to something else. I have no idea if it's too early to start doing this but I know have to do something when she is disobeying. So far this is working.

The potty training has good days and bad days. She hasn't used her potty for the past couple days and she has done these strikes a few times. I don't mind. She knows what it is she is SUPPOSED to do on the potty and that's what counts.

She has started to wean herself. She now only nurses when she wakes up and when she goes to bed. The rest of the time she drinks her hempmilk out of her sippy cup. I still offer the boob but she prefers her milk. She also nurses at midnight every night. I wish she would sleep through but it just isn't happening for us. When Brandon is home, he goes up there instead of me and she will stop waking up. But if I go, I have to nurse her or she will throw a big fit. Since, that is the only time she wakes up before 7:30 I can work with it.

I had fun taking her pictures in the chair this month. She learned how to rock herself in it and was laughing the whole time so thats why they are blurry.

That's all I got for now (although I know I am forgetting alot)!