Tuesday, April 28, 2015

35 Weeks

My weight gain: 20 Lbs
Still Ice but I like to pour some Simply Orange with Mango over it....YUM!
Pretty good! My morning sickness is pretty much gone now and I just battle the indigestion every afternoon and evening. I think the lack of morning sickness has helped with the weight gain..also the baby is getting big! My only complaints are her getting into the ribs in my back. That's usually how I wake up because it's so painful. I'm still not sleeping more than 5-6 hours but that's just the way it is here at the end.
Baby’s gender:
GIRL! :)
Baby’s size:
Baby Isla is over 18 inches long and tips the scales at 5 1/4 pounds – about the size of a honeydew melon.
I had my 35 week appointment this morning where they did the Strep B test (yall know how fun that is). Baby Isla is doing great and I so am I. My blood pressure was a little high for me but that's to be expected in these last few weeks. It's nothing like it was when I had preeclampsia with Avelyn.
I've been nesting pretty hard lately and decided yesterday morning that I would redo the grout in our master shower. The previous owner had let it get moldy and then put caulk over the mold making it impossible to clean it. That shower grosses me out so bad that for the longest time, I would only shower upstairs. Anyway, I got this crazy idea in my head to redo all of the grouting and went straight to Lowes to buy $110 of supplies. I got home and got to work. About 2 hours in, I realized there was no way I could do all of it. If it was straight grout work that would have been easy, but removing all of the old caulk from the grout and then still removing the grout was taking a lot out of me. Thankfully, my husband had a sense of humor about it. I returned all of the stuff to Lowes and got a referral for a professional to come finish the job. He should be here any minute and I am soooooo excited!!! I will do a before/after post when it's done!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Baby Isla's Nursery

First off, this room is still a work in progress. The pictures on the dresser will be changed out with photos of Isla once she arrives. I wanted Isla to have her own room that was different from Avelyn's nursery. Avelyn had a cream and pink nursery so for Isla I added some gray and teal to brighten it up!

My friend Shannon made this gorgeous wreath for my baby shower. 

The dresser was Avelyn's but I updated it with Laura Ashley contact paper. The garland was made by my friend Holly for the baby shower as well as some of the decor on the dresser.

This little glass bottle is filled with notes and well-wishes for Isla!

We had to buy a new crib because Avelyn's broke during one of the moves. The poms above her crib are reused but the wall decor is new and I made a new crib skirt. I love the way bumpers complete a crib look but they aren't safe and the practical side of me can't justify spending the money on something we wont use.

Sorry for the very poor quality of these pictures. This room is well lit in the afternoon and even though today is overcast there is such a glare. It's really hard to see the curtains and changing station. 

I would like to add a rug but I haven't found the perfect one yet. 

We are ready for her arrival and she should be here in just a few weeks! I am so excited!!

34 Weeks

How Far Along? 34 Weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 18.3 lbs
Stretch Marks: Still no..fingers crossed! :)
Best Moment of the Week: Taking Maternity Pics with Abby and Avelyn.
Movement: She gets hiccups a lot and I remember this happening with Avelyn as well. Her little elbows and knees actually hurt me sometimes and my OB told me it's because my uterus is thinner (since 2nd pregnancy). Also, there have been some times where she is waaay up in my ribs and it hurts so bad I want to cry. That's usually at night. I took a bath once and that helped. 
Food Cravings: Still obsessed with crunching ice, anything cold and fruity like orange juice
Anything Make you Queasy or Sick? I haven't had so much morning sickness lately (knock on wood 1 million times please). Heartburn/reflux is still pretty bad but I take a Zantac every day and that helps alot.
Gender: Girl!
Belly Button In/Out: I think I may officially have an outie!!
Wedding Rings On/Off: On! Yay!
Happy or Moody: Still Both! Good thing hubby isn't here in person to witness the rollercoaster. He gets enough of it on the phone. lol

I caught a cold a few days ago and even got a fever the first night. As crazy as it sounds that was the best sleep I have had in months! I slept from 8:30 pm -3:30 am and then again from 6:30 -7:30. Even though I was so sick the next day I felt more rested than I have in ages. Last night I was up every couple hours and every time I woke up I felt like it should be morning. Of course, when it's actually time to get up (6:45) I am so tired and could sleep for days. 

I've gotten Avelyn on a schedule and she has slept through the night every single night for the past 6 days!!!! This has been so nice!

Maternity Pictures

Photos: Abby Glenn Photography http://abbygphotography.com
Outfit: Sew Trendy Accessories (http://www.mothersinprotest.com/sew-trendy-accessories/

Monday, April 13, 2015

Potty Training

I didn't use any particular method for potty training. I did read up on them but I knew I wasn't cut out for the 3-day-lock-yourselves-in-at-home-method. I first introduced her to the potty at 9 months because I had read that a high percentage of kids around the world are potty-trained before 1 year. She would pee on it and even pooped once but it seemed like a waste of effort until she could tell me she needed to go. I wasn't sure when you start potty training after that but we kept the little potty in her bathroom upstairs and one downstairs. She also had a little book she liked to read about the potty.

About a month or two before she turned 2 my husband was getting her bath ready for her. She was naked and just sat on her potty and peed.  Then, when she finished she picked it up, dumped it in the toilet and flushed it. We decided to follow her cues and put a potty in the living room. She would sit on it and pee but she didn't really understand how to take off her pants so she would pee on it through her pants. The main problem with this stage was that she wouldn't tell either of us before she had to go, she would just do it on her own.

We started just keeping her pantless while at home and that worked great for a while. When we would go in public I put a Pull-Up on her and took her to the adult toilet in every place we visited. I wanted her to know that there were toilets everywhere, not just at home. After about a month of this, we quit using the Pull-Ups. By then, she was keeping one dry all day.

About a month after we began this whole process she started to tell us before she had to go. She would say "Oh, I pee pee!" and run to her potty. We through a huge party every time she did this and told her how proud we were of her for telling us!

When we first switched just to undies, she had some accidents here and there but we stuck with it. She still uses a diaper at nap and bedtime because I still put her down with her sippy cup of milk. Until I wean her off drinking milk for bed I don't think I can expect her to stay dry at night.

She has been potty trained now for about 3 months and almost never has an accident. She went through a brief regression stage when we put her in preschool but I think it was more of a control thing more than the lack of ability. We kept her in undies and after 2 days of that, it stopped.

I've heard sometimes potty trained kids will regress when there is a new baby so fingers crossed that doesn't happen. I didn't follow a plan but I did watch Avelyn and respond to her cues of being ready. I felt like she did it backwards with going on her own and then telling us when she needed to go but that's just our girl for you!

33 Weeks

Betchya didn't think I was coming back huh? Lol. Life with a 2 year old is BUSY! So where did we leave off? 15 weeks. Oops.

Well let's get up to speed. I am started experiencing pretty bad morning sickness around week 7 of the first trimester and it didn't really go away until week 17-18. I had a lovely couple of weeks in the 2nd trimester where I had more energy, was working out consistently, and didn't have any nausea.

Boom! 3rd trimester hit me at 27 weeks and by 29 weeks my morning sickness was back and worse than ever. Not only is it very unfair to be this pregnant and still have the morning sickness but it is now combined with heartburn/reflux and insomnia. The term morning sickness doesn't really fit either because the mornings are when I feel the best! So from now on I will refer to it as Up-All-Night-Sickness. The only thing I have found that helps is showering and sitting up.

My sleep is so jacked up these days. For instance, this morning was up and out of bed at 4:45am. By 3pm I hit a wall and slept until 6pm. It is now 2:38 am and I am wide awake. There has been no rhythm or consistency to my sleep but most days I at least nap when Avelyn naps at 2-5pm. Avelyn hasn't slept through the night in about 6 weeks either so on the off-chance I am asleep I usually do wake up with her multiple times a night (we are working on that).

I have been having tons of Braxton Hicks and a few times they got pretty strong and painful. Usually I get them when I've been on my feet too long. I haven't been exercising at all. Walking is very uncomfortable since Isla is sitting so low and any time I have to myself is usually spent catching up on chores or sleeping.

Brandon goes back to his ship in the morning and I'm sure these next few weeks will be pretty tough not having any help around here. I am almost in the home stretch though and this is probably his last hitch gone before the baby comes!

This pregnancy (despite the nausea) has gone by so fast! I seriously can't even believe I have 7 weeks or less until we meet baby Isla. I'm pretty nervous about the newborn phase because the second time around I DO know what to expect. Most of my anxiety stems from meeting Avelyn's needs when Isla will also be needing me so much. I am just going to do the best I can and try to remember that it won't last too long.

Avelyn started preschool 2 days a week and that has been great for the both of us! I get some alone time to get things done and she gets so much playing and learning. She goes to a school that is also a gymnastics studio so she gets outdoor playtime and a gym class everyday. She loves her school but cries when I drop her off. Ironically, she also has been crying when I try to get to leave! 2 years olds....

Okay I am starting to just ramble now so here is my belly shot from 31 weeks (not much change) and my current pregnancy stats:

How Far Along? 32 weeks 6 days
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 18 lbs
Stretch Marks: Still no..fingers crossed!
Best Moment of the Week: My extra long quiet time I got to do this morning. It was much needed!
Movement: Tons! She is already head down (good girl) and I feel her little elbows and legs squirming all around.
Food Cravings: Not sure if this counts but crunching ice..and watermelon!
Anything Make you Queasy or Sick? Ugh yes. Hormones apparently! I have been taking my Diclegis again and just take 1 at night. If I take more than that I am too tired to function during the day. Maybe that's why I feel so good in the morning? I am also having horrible heartburn/reflux starting at about 2pm onward which makes it challenging to drink as much water as I should.
Gender: Still Girl!
Belly Button In/Out: Last time it just got flat but this time the top half is poking out. We shall see what happens by the end.
Wedding Rings On/Off: ON! With Avelyn I had to go up 2 sizes but I think the preeclampsia caused me to gain extra water weight in my hands. They still fit great!
Happy or Moody: Both. There are times when I am so happy I literally cry and then there are times I feel so sick and isolated and alone (even when hubs is right there). I just remind myself not to take my big feelings too seriously right now. The nausea and sickness puts me in a bad mood as well. 

I will try to be better about doing some updates before I actually deliver. I want to finish her nursery this week and will post some pics of that when I am done.