Monday, November 23, 2015

Isla's 6 Month Update

trying to play with your tongue

Isla Rose I cannot believe you are already 6 months! Time is going so fast. I feel like I just brought you home from the hospital!

You turned 6 months old today and right on schedule you are in your 6 month growth spurt. You slept 8 hours straight 2 nights ago and napped almost all day and then bam! last night you were up every hour for half the night and you haven't napped longer than 15 mins today. You are trying to kill me. Before your growth spurt you were averaging 2-3 wake-ups a night usually around 12am, 2 and 4. Sometimes you would skip one and I would get a few hours of sleep in a row. You now sleep on your tummy only and I still swaddle your lower half in the sleep sack. I think it just makes you feel extra secure.

You are really enjoy nursing and will stay on there until I pop you off. You nurse for hours. It's definitely showing in your size! You are a healthy 17 lbs (according to my super accurate method of weighing myself while holding you) and you wear 12 month clothes. There are still some 9 month clothes that fit but fewer and fewer every day. 

We started playing around with solids about 10 days ago. I gave you a couple bites of my sweet potato and you loved it! We tried that again a couple of times as well as banana and apple sauce. You are not a fan of apple sauce. You couldn't quite get a good grip on the banana to eat it but you had fun playing with it. We are doing Baby Led Weaning this time and no purees.

You are still a pretty happy baby (minus today since you have had 0 sleep) and your absolute favorite person is your big sister. She is now starting to play with you and enjoy your company too. It melts my heart to see her with you. Last night you were crying on our way home and she was singing song after song to you and telling you "Hold on baby Isla, we almost there!". It is the most perfect thing to see you two together.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Isla's 5 Month Update

5 Months!
Weight: 16 lbs 6 oz
Height: not sure...big!

(sorry my pictures are so awful! my camera on my phone is broken and takes blurry pics)

Isla went through the dreaded 4 month sleep regression right after she turned 4 months. Sadly we haven't returned to her 8-12 hr stints since. She wakes up twice a night usually around midnight and again around 5 am. She still sleeps better with the miracle swaddle but I just do it on her lower half. She has started rolling onto her tummy to sleep and prefers that position if she isn't in her swing.

We started a new schedule in this past month. Isla was no longer going to bed early and was getting overly tired and staying up until 9:30pm every night. She just refused to go to sleep. I've had to start waking her up from her afternoon nap. This has helped tremendously and we have a pretty comfortable routine now.

Daily Routine

7:30 am – Wake Up, (nurse)

8:00 am – Breakfast

8:30 am – Get Avelyn Dressed, Brush Teeth, Comb Hair 

9:00 am - (Mon, Wed) Take Avelyn to School

9:30 am – Isla's Morning Nap (nurse) – at least 1 hr

10:00 am – Craft Time or Outdoor Playtime with Avelyn (snack for her)

11:00 am – Go to YMCA (nurse either before or after workout)

1:30 pm – Outside/Physical Play

1:45 pm Lunch

2:00 – Nap for both girls (nurse)

4:30 Wake Up (snack for Avelyn and nurse)

5:00-5:30 TV Time or Ipad while I cook dinner

5:30 pm –  Dinner

6:00-6:30 Quiet Activities (Avelyn)  Isla's Bath and Bed Routine (nurse)

6:30 Bath Time for Avelyn

7:00 Bedtime Routine (Lotion, PJ's, Brush Teeth, Read Books, Sing Songs)

7:30 Bed/Lights Out

She is also teething so bad and drool is constant! Because of all her drool, she poops at least 5 times a day. I have never seen so much baby poop. I am ready for those teeth to hurry up and make their arrival! I actually took Isla to see her dr. because she had been so fussy and irritable I thought she may have an ear infection. Dr. Moore said it's just her teeth and to let her sleep in her swing for the next few nights if that is where she is more comfortable.

Isla is still a pretty happy, calm baby. She is happy being held and watching her big sister. She loves to splash in the tub! She puts everything in her mouth and we even let her gum a big piece of garlic bread last night.

We aren't quite mobile yet other than the rolling around. She sits up by herself for short spurts. She has started to try to army crawl but isn't quite there. 

Isla Rose, you are the sweetest little thing! I love you!