Friday, January 1, 2016

Isla's 7 Month Update

So just for fun I looked back at Avelyn's 7 month update:

"At 7 Months Miss Avelyn now... crawls all over the place (she is a quick little bugger)
...eats 2-3 solid meals a day
...says "Mama" but I don't think she knows what she is actually saying
...loves to go swimming at the YMCA obsessed with our cable box..climbing on it..pushing the buttons
...loves to splash in the bathtub
...nurses from me again (hallelujah..goodbye exclusively pumping) love loves the jumparoo beginning to get stranger anxiety
...drinks from a real sippy cup"

I am SHOCKED that A LOT of those are exactly the same for Isla! Okay, Isla now hates the Jumparoo and the swing. And she doesn''t have stranger anxiety yet or go swimming. But the rest of them okay?

She started doing the army crawl where she reaches and drags herself. She gets around really, really fast! She always goes for what she can't have like shoelaces and paper. 

Isla got sick for the first time since she was 3 weeks old (and had that horrible Meningitis). She was extremely cranky and started coughing so I took her in and she had an Upper Respiratory Infection and a double Ear Infection. She still has a super sensitive gag reflex which made it very difficult to give her medicine. She hasn't taken any medicine orally ever, so when she needed antibiotics, I was really worried. It was rough at first and she threw up the first 3 doses. Finally, I used a teeny, tiny syringe that only holds 1 ml and I dripped .1 ml in her mouth at at time. She needed 4 mls for each dosage so it took a while to get it all in there but at least she didn't throw it up anymore. Her congestion/cough/ear infection symptoms were gone after the first few days.

Isla, girrlll you are NOT a good sleeper. I have no idea why. I've thought it was teething for months but you still have no teeth.  It is a rare night when you only wake up once or twice and regularly you wake up every 2 hours (or every hour) with only one possible 4 hour stint (usually from 2:30-6). To make it worse, you have started being UP FOR THE DAY at 6:00 AM. Cmon girl! I actually really like to wake up early when I have had more than 3 hours of sleep! So nights are no fun. You nap okay I guess. You aren't super consistent with the times for your nap or the length. When you wake up at 6 you are ready for the first nap around 9 and sleep until 10-11. You nap again usually around 3 pm but if we are late getting home from the YMCA around 2pm and you fall asleep in the car..fuhgettaboutit

Late afternoon/early evening is the worst time around here. Isla is so cranky and cries and crawls around following me room to room. She only wants to be held and at 17-18 lbs is too heavy for baby wearing. Avelyn is usually very cranky as well and cries a lot too. I am usually pretty worn out and trying to cook something for dinner. Since we all hate the evening, we try to keep it short by doing bath at 6pm and Isla nursing to sleep at 6:30. Avelyn plays in her room by herself (or Brandon reads to her if he is home) until 7:00 when I go in and do her bed routine.

The biggest win recently has been eating. Isla was throwing up every time she ate anything "solid" whether it was an actual solid like baby puffs or something watery like yogurt. She won't let me feed her so purees are out and we are 100% Baby Led Weaning. In the past few days, Isla has been able to hold a larger piece of toast and chew off sections and swallow them without vomiting. She loves peanut butter toast, eggs, avocado (gets mad about it being so slippery though) and apple cider (she had a few sips of mine tonight and was in love)! She still won't take a bottle so I started pumping extra milk into a sippy cup. She can drink about an ounce in a few hours that way so it's more for her to play with and practice for now.

Speaking of milk. I suspect Isla won't be quite as ready to wean as her big sister. She loves her nursing sessions. I think that's why she wakes up...just to comfort feed. She cluster feeds in the evening and through the first half of the night. I don't have a plan for quitting nursing like I did with Avelyn. Avelyn made it so easy since she didn't like nursing to begin with. She preferred food and bottles and sippy cups. I guess we will just take it one month at a time. I used to say my final nursing cut-off is 18 months so we will hope to be done by then.

Everywhere we go, people comment on what a calm baby you are, Isla. You may start getting fussy but you are so patient and will give me plenty of time to finish shopping or drive home or whatnot. You don't mind other people holding you, even strangers. You are obsessed with your big sister. If she is in the room, it's all eyes on her. You try to play with her and she has started to actually play with you back. She does yell at you sometimes and even cries when you "break" something of hers but you mostly just smile at her through it all. You especially love when she sings to you and I do too. It's the sweetest. You are a sensitive little spirit and need lots of cuddles and kisses. You started to laugh more and you are extremely ticklish especially on your thighs and ribs. :) I love the balance you bring to our family with your easy smiles and gentle demeanor. You are so special to me baby Isla. Now just stop growing up so fast okay?!