Saturday, July 30, 2016

Facebook Fast

As some of my friends know, I am participating in "The Seven Experiment" this summer. Jen Hatmaker experimented first on herself and wrote about it in her book Seven (highly recommend reading this). The basics are fasting in seven categories:

  • Clothes
  • Spending
  • Waste
  • Food
  • Possessions
  • Media
  • Stress
This week is the Media fast. I have chosen to fast from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TV (including Netflix) and then I threw in MyFitnessPal and my scale for good measure. I was earnestly looking forward to it due to the heavily negative news cycles [Trump, Hillary, Bernie, Cops, Shootings, Terrorists, Guns, Innocent People Dying, Kids Dying]. These things burdened me. I felt their weight throughout the day. I couldn't read a first-hand account of a mother holding her 4 year old's corpse and then carry on about my day like nothing happened. So when I came upon this week's fast, I was relieved.

The first day wasn't that big of a deal. I did keep grabbing for my phone and after realizing there was nothing for me to do on it, I stopped. I downloaded Pandora and started playing Young Oceans Radio throughout the day. What I noticed blew my mind.

I was rested.
I was focused.
I was productive. (This was a surprise since I have always thought of myself and very productive anyway)
I played Barbies with Avelyn.
I stroked Isla's hair while I nursed her to sleep.
I started a cross-stitched Christmas stocking.
I was patient. (because we weren't running late to anything)

Prior to this, I thought the fractured-thinking, stressed-out, emotionally-exhausted, always-rushed person was just who I was. That's how all moms are right? I am completely humbled (and more than a little embarrassed) to admit it was all completely self-inflicted!

Jen worded it perfectly when she said, "I felt like I took a deep breath for the first time in ages."

That's how this past week was for me. A huge breath of fresh air!

The parts I missed are the reasons I won't get rid of Social Media alltogether. I missed the community. I missed the mom-articles. I missed the baby pictures and updates of my friends. I missed knowing when all my friends were going to a splash pad or celebrating an important event.

Even though it was wonderful, spending the week disconnected did make me feel...disconnected. So I will stick around but the biggest changes for me will be how frequently I check my phone and also how many people I follow.