Sunday, December 18, 2016

17 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Update - Good News and Bad News

Another week down..just 1 more until I am officially halfway through this pregnancy!

This week I had my first growth scan at my OB office. I am supposed to have them there every four weeks and at the MFM (High Risk Dr) every two weeks. First off, the quality of the ultrasound machines at my regular place is light-years away from the MFM place. I had a hard time distinguishing what was what on the screen most of the time. The GREAT news I got at this appointment was that both babies are measuring 16 wks 6 days (my appt was at 16 weeks 5 days) and weighed in at 6 oz each. This is the time they start screening for SIUGR (sp?)  and TTTS and my last appt, baby B was measuring a week behind. I am so happy he caught up to his brother! Another great thing I saw was that the placenta grew (was even labeled "large" by the tech) and Everett's cord attachment is a few inches more towards the center now. It was previously right at the tip and was worrying me about him getting an equal share of the nutrients.

The only things that concerned the dr was that both babies are breech. I was honestly shocked that they even cared at this point. She tried to explain to me that they run out of room much faster than singletons and if I want to have them naturally, at least one baby needs to be head-down. I am really not that concerned. I mentioned it to my chiropractor (who I've started seeing biweekly) and he and his wife did some work on my sacrum to make sure the babies have as much room in there as possible. My dr was also concerned about my weight gain or lack thereof. As it stands, I've gained 5 lbs total so far. I thought that was decent but she thinks it's very important for me to pack it on early. The high-risk dr told me he only needed me to gain 28-40 lbs total and he said the opposite basically. That he wants to see most of it at the end. It's very confusing to have so many drs telling you contradictory things. I am going to go with the high risk dr on most of them since he specializes in these twin pregnancies.

My next appt at the MFM place is this coming week. They will be able to tell me how accurate the measurements taken at the Obgyn office were. I might even be able to stop getting ultrasounds at the ob office and keep them strictly at MFM, I will ask about it this week.

Other than that, nothing new to report. I am feeling the best yet this pregnancy! I am just enjoying my energy levels and lack of nausea while I can...I know things can be pretty miserable at the end of a twin pregnancy. Fingers Crossed!

Babies are the size of...Naval Oranges..(about 4.5" from Head to Rump)..My babies tummies alone measured 4 inches long and weighed 6 oz each. We are about to head into another growth spurt where the boys will double in size. Here is a picture of Baby A from this week's appointment.

How far along... 17 Weeks 1 day

Maternity Clothes? Yes! Maternity pants and shirts are all I am wearing now! And THANK YOU to all of my wonderful friends who gave me clothes!

Weight Gain:  +2 Lb This Week (I've gained 5 lbs total). 

Workouts: 3 Resistance Days (BBG- Pre-training Week 1 Legs & Cardio, Week 11 Arms and Week 1 Full Body) and 2 LISS Days! Working out still feels amazing. I don't do any of the ab stuff anymore and after this week I will stop doing the burpees... it feels too weird on my belly.

Symptoms: It's been an awesome week! I'm still only taking my Diclegis at night. I am still getting nauseous spells during the day so I don't want to quit it altogether yet. The magnesium drink is helping my moods a ton and also with other pregnancy ails. I am still more easily irritated than usual but so much better with the mood swings!

Stretch Marks? Not yet! *knock knock*

Sleep: It's been a good week for sleep! No complaints there at all. I don't even want to jinx it by talking about it! 

Movement?  A Little. I think my extra large placenta is blocking most of the movements. I feel some when I lay down at night on the sides and also when I am standing for a while.

Genders and Twin Type: Mono-Di Identical Twin BOYS!!!!

What I Miss... not being out of breath all the time. 

Food Cravings: Protein!

Looking Forward To... Starting on the Nursery!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

16 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Update

I have felt AMAZING this week! I feel "almost" like I'm not even pregnant! It has been wonderful! Ahhh that second trimester bliss stage. I am soaking it in as much as possible because with twins I know it will be getting uncomfortable again very soon.

I have so much of my energy back. I think not taking the Diclegis during the day has helped and also this Magnesium drink I bought from my chiropractor. I first heard about it from Kendra Atkins who vlogs her modi pregnancy on YouTube (WithKendra). It's called "Natural Calm" and she talked about it in a relaxation video. I saw my chiropractor sold it and decided to give it a shot. It has helped me so much! I usually get pretty cranky and impatient with the kids later in the afternoon but I've been back to my "Calm Mom" self this whole week. It's been so nice to go to bed at night without a big pile of guilt on me for yelling at the kids or getting frustrated with them. I am sure they are thankful for it as well. It also helps with keep things moving in your digestive track (pregnancy can make this an issue for me). So even if you're not pregnant I highly recommend trying this stuff out!
Natural Vitality Natural Calm Magnesium Anti Stress, Organic, Raspberry Lemon, 16 oz

So that's pretty much it for this week. I have my first growth ultrasound at my OB office (instead of the MFM place) this week. I only do it there every 4 weeks until I'm further along. I always get nervous before an ultrasound but it's also very exciting to see the babies! 

Babies are the size of...Avocados..about 4.5" from Head to Rump..We are about to head into another growth spurt where the boys will double in size. Here is a picture of fraternal twins at this age:

How far along... 16 Weeks 1 day

Maternity Clothes? Yes! I am still a little too small for maternity shirts but the pants are a necessity. I can't wait to be out of the awkward belly phase!

Weight Gain:  -1 Lb This Week (I've gained 3 lbs total). I know I've gained more than that but since I haven't been working out as intensely as before I have lost muscle and replaced it with fat. 

Workouts: 3 Resistance Days (BBG- Pre-training Week 4 Full Body, Week 5 Full Body and an Arms Day) and 3 LISS Days! It felt SO GOOD to get back into working out!

Symptoms: It's been an awesome week! I reduced my Diclegis to only nighttime. I still get little queasy spells sometimes but I haven't thrown up! My forehead pimples have cleared up for the most part and my skin is looking better. My main symptom is just getting out of breath really easily. I haven't needed any naps this week and my blood pressure has been perfect!

Stretch Marks? Not yet! *knock knock*

Sleep: It's been a good week for sleep! I have been waking up a few times to pee but I am usually able to go right back to sleep. Isla is still sleeping through the night most night *knock knock again*

Movement?  Yes but it doesn't feel as strong as I would expect. I have an anterior placenta this time meaning it's on the front of my uterus. That masks a lot of the movements. I do feel them a couple times a day. Earlier this week I went to the chiropractor and lay on my stomach..I felt them both moving at the same time! It was the craziest thing!! It felt like two snakes in my belly moving in opposite directions. Totally crazy!

Genders and Twin Type: Mono-Di Identical Twin BOYS!!!!

What I Miss... being able to fit in my workout clothes. I don't have any maternity exercise pants and I am too big to wear my regular stuff. I wore my maternity leggings for one workout this week and sweats for the rest. 

Food Cravings: Green Apples! I am loving apples with almond butter!

Looking Forward To... Buying the babies stuff!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

15 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Update - Gender Reveal!!!

This was an exciting week for me....I turned 15 weeks and we found out the genders of our identical twins...

I had been convinced I was having a boy from the beginning. It started before I even knew I was pregnant. I picked out a pretty color for my pedicure before we went on our beach vacation and the lady came back and told me the name of the polish is "It's a boy!". It was at that time I started to wonder if I was pregnant. The only other "sign" I had was doing that ring test that swings your ring around in a circle or back and forth and mine said boy. haha

So anyway, after finding out they were twins, I've had many ultrasounds. I made sure to tell the techs we were doing a gender reveal party and not to tell me the sex and they always said, "Don't worry its way too early to tell..."...followed five minutes later by "well the gender of these babies is very obvious!" I was pretty sure I had seen boy parts in a few ultrasounds but those were so early (12 and 13 weeks) that I couldn't be sure. Yesterday I had another MFM appt with an ultrasound. This time B was with me and we both saw a quick image of "three lines" (all moms of girls know what that means).

We both left that appointment a little disappointed that we were probably wrong about it being boys. I was so worried about it. It's not that I didn't want girls, I love being a girl-mom, I had just convinced myself so thoroughly they were boys I felt like I was having to re-bond all over with the idea it could be girls.

Fast Forward to the Gender Reveal Party..

My friend Amber threw us the party and it was perfect in every way.

She even had matching outfits made for Avelyn and Isla that had custom shirts! It was so cute!! I couldn't get a picture of the kids together but here is the back of Isla's...

 The front said "Big Sister" :) with a number 01 and 02 for each girl. Avelyn's even said "Big Sister again"

Before we opened the box, we had all the party guests stand in front of the side they thought we were field for boys and pink tutus for girls..

She was kind and didn't make me wait too long before we opened the box.

I was absolutely SHOCKED today to see blue balloons come out of the box!!! I kept looking for pink ones to pop up afterwards lol!

I felt everything all at once and was sobbing with happiness!  It was a day I will never forget!

Avelyn started crying after the whole pregnancy she has said they were boys and she wanted brothers but suddenly she was so upset they weren't going to be sisters...LOL 4 year olds!!!

Since I had been convinced they were boys for so long we only had boy names picked out...

Cullen Wade and Everett Drake!

I am extra excited that I can start shopping and planning the nursery. A boy nursery will be so fun! I'm such a type-A planner that it's been killing me to wait this long to start preparing for the babies!

Babies are the size of...Pears! About 3.5" from Head to Rump

Here is a picture of them at 14weeks 6 days CUTE!

How far along... 15 Weeks 1 day

Maternity Clothes? Yes! I am now only wearing maternity pants. I can still fit in some regular tops but my belly is definitely growing

Weight Gain: +2 Lbs This Week (I've gained 4 lbs total)

Workouts: 1 Resistance Day (Week 1 legs). I didn't modify any of the exercises and it felt SO GOOD to get a real workout in. I paid the price later though because I was wiped out for two days afterwards.

Symptoms: It's been a good week! I forgot to take my afternoon dose of Diclegis and didn't get sick. I will try not taking that dose from now on...if I don't get sick, I will stop taking the morning dose and then slowly taper off the night ones. I don't want to suddenly stop taking it again after what happened last time. My only other symptom is that my BP is starting to climb. I've had consistent reading with the bottom number in the upper 80's low 90's. I had BP problems in my first pregnancy and I'm a little scared it will be a problem again. I wish there was something I could do to prevent it. I am just reducing sodium and chugging water.

Stretch Marks? None yet.

Sleep: It's been a great week for sleep! I am having very vivid dreams and quite a few "stress dreams" as I call them. One of them was me trying to tandem-feed twin boys. One kept unlatching when I got the other latched and I was trying over and over. It was so frustrating! LOL

Movement?  Definitely more pronounced baby movements and less flutters. They are growing!

Genders and Twin Type: Mono-Di Identical Twin BOYS!!!!

What I Miss... Working out Intensely and consistently (I miss the stress relief aspect)! I will probably keep this here until I get to workout again. 

Food Cravings: Halo Oranges have been high up on the list this week. Also peanut butter toast and orange juice!

Looking Forward To... Planning the Nursery, Buying BOY STUFF!