Monday, January 30, 2017

Mini Banana-Zucchini Muffins

I like to think of myself as a multitasker. On the agenda today was entertaining the kids, using up leftover produce and making snacks. So why not roll them all into one?!

If this recipe seems like a mish-mash of ingredients- it is. I've been trying to get better with our groceries- using up everything we have before we buy more. I've listed what I used in the recipe but also what you can use if you don't have it on hand. Get creative!


Banana Zucchini Muffins
makes 24 mini muffins

1/2  c Zucchini grated (I left the skin on since mine was organic but if you don't want your kids to see any green you can peel it first)
1 Banana - the browner the better!
1 egg
1/4 c Sugar (Can use white, brown, honey or even applesauce)

3/4 tsp Baking Powder
3/4 tsp Baking Soda
3/4 c Whole Wheat Flour
1 packet of instant oatmeal (I used cinnamon spice flavor) - or you can use plain quick-cooking oats
1/4 tsp Salt

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Mix your wet and dry ingredients separately then combine them. I let the older kid do the wet and the toddler do the dry. :) Don't over-mix when you put it all together. We used small teaspoons to fill up our mini muffin tray. I didn't set a time for baking but I would guess somewhere around 10 mins. Keep your eye on them!

My kids loved making and eating these. They are the perfect finger food for babies or snack for toddlers. I plan to throw some in my daughter's lunchbox as well!

If you try the recipe, let me know what you think!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

23 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Update

Remember how I said that I hate being pregnant because "things go wrong for me"? This week is the perfect example of that. 

I've been to the doctor way too many times this week. If I leave a message for the nurse, they basically make me come in every time. No matter what. I wouldn't care if I didn't have two little girls counting on me at home. It was kind of a weird week symptom-wise. I worked out Monday then had a ton of BH contractions for the rest of the day (10-15 per hour). They checked me out and everything was still closed and locked up tight. :) A couple days later, I had a horrible headache for two days that wouldn't go away even with Tylenol. It woke me up in the middle of the night and felt like my skull was being crushed. I also gained 4 lbs in two days (swelling) so they needed to check me out for Pre-Ecclampsia stuff. Anyway, it's all eased off at this point and I am ever so grateful. Some of the water weight came off and I'm feeling more like my usual (pregnant) self.


Babies are the size of...Eggplants! The pregnancy app I use says they are eggplants until after week 24 lol. They are about 12 inches long and weigh a little over a pound each.

I got a cute shot of Everett's face this week and a picture of the back of Cullen's head. He found a comfy spot face smushed into my heart and won't budge. Lol  
How far along... 23 Weeks + 1 day

Maternity Clothes? Yep!

Weight Gain:  +1.7 Lbs this week (15.0 lbs total). It's definitely coming on steadily now. It surprises me how much it doesn't bother me. I trust that my body will put on what it needs to to feed and grow those two little ones. 

Workouts: I did Week 2 Legs and Cardio (BBG) with modifications of course. Oh my goodness, it felt sooo gooooood! I wore a belly band and it really almost felt like I wasn't pregnant. However, when I took the belly band off I got crazy BH contractions for the rest of the after the other. Apparently, those of us with an irritable uterus can't wear belly bands without this happening. My dr. freaked out about it a little and told me no more exercise except yoga and water aerobics. Boo! So, I tried Aqua Pilates for the first time. I'm not sure I would call that a workout but it did feel nice to be in the water and not have all that pressure from my belly.

Symptoms: Mooody! I am a pretty happy, positive person in general and I have just been such a grump the past few days! Swelling has begun. My rings are getting pretty tight and I feel like my whole body is swollen - from my feet to my face. It all just kind of hurts even when I'm laying down. Braxton Hicks contractions have picked up this week as well. I've also been pretty tired again. I can't wait until my hubby is back so I can take my afternoon naps (three more days)!

Stretch Marks? Nope. A few people have said sometimes you don't see them until after you give birth. Geez, what a nice reward for all that hard work right?!

Sleep: Still dealing with pregnancy insomnia most nights. I have a feeling it will stay this way until the end. I wake up around 4 am most days wide-awake and ready to get started. It makes for a peaceful and productive morning but an exhausting afternoon!

Movement? I feel them all the time now! I can easily feel them from the outside as well. Twin pregnancy feels different from a singleton pregnancy because there is just so much going on in there. I'm never certain what is an arm or a leg or a butt or a head. Well, actually the heads are pretty obvious. One is right about to fall out (feels like it anyway) and the other is up under my ribs. :)

Genders and Twin Type: Mono-Di, Baby Boys! 

What I Miss... being able to push my body with exercise or productivity. I have to stop and give myself breaks quite frequently. If I start doing too much, I get crazy amounts of BH for the rest of the day.

Food Cravings: I guess carbs this week? I haven't been eating as much protein as I should. I eat lots of sandwiches. I do try to get a chocolate protein shake in at least once a day. I also eat cheese sticks and greek yogurt when I know I haven't quite met my quota for protein.

Looking Forward To...Finishing clearing the nursery out. I did A TON of work in there this week. I organized and moved all of Isla's clothes to the girls shared room and packed up all my girl-baby things to give away to a friend. Once B is home, I will have him move the dresser down to the garage and move the boys cribs up there. That's when the fun will start!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

5 Minute Mommy Makeup


I've been wanting to do this post for a while. I'm in no way a beauty expert, make-up expert or any of the sort. I don't give it much thought. I am so busy, especially when B is on a ship, that I don't have time to "wear makeup". I usually try to make an effort for church and bible study and this is my go-to makeup routine! It's actually easy enough to wear everyday. :)


First step, moisturizer! I use whatever I have on hand. A new sample from my Birchbox membership, self tanning lotion, or whatever I use on my body. After that, I use this Lumene CC Cream I found on Amazon for $8 (at the time of writing this, it's going for $28-$40?! what?! ). I start on my cheeks and work my way out. It goes on the same as lotion, evens out my skin and isn't cakey. 

Next, I put some concealer under my eyes, on my nose and a dab on my upper lip and chin. I LOVE this one from Maybelline and even after trying dozens of others, it's still my go-to. I just use my fingers to pat it in. I also smear some on my eyelids to even out those little veins. 


If I have extra time I use this cream blush on my cheekbones but if I'm in a hurry I just go straight to bronzer. This Bronzer has been my fave for many years. It isn't orange or sparkly and it works great for contouring. To contour my face I just make the shape of a "3" around the edges and into the hollows of my cheeks. Make sure you do your neck so it matches!
Image result for contour face use the "3" shape
Photo Credit:

One last thing is I use a finishing powder in all the places I use concealer. It just seals it in and prevents those creases under your eyes. I got one in a Birchbox and since a little goes a long way it's lasted years. Neutrogena makes one that's pretty cheap and works great too!

Lastly, I take a big makeup brush and just work it all over my face to make sure it's all even and any lines are blended! That's it!!!

Side Note: The lighting in my bathroom and these photos is terrible!

If I have an extra five mins I use the same cream blush on my eyelids (applied with my pinky finger), add highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones and use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the sparse areas. 

Oh, I almost forgot! My favorite lip stuff is actually this Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm. I keep it in my car so I can reapply throughout the day. 

It took me 5x as long to write this post as it does to slap this stuff on my face and it makes a big difference in how I look and feel for the day! :)

P.S. I don't wear mascara because I get eyelash extensions. I've been getting them since before I was married. If you're in the Austin area, I highly recommend you see Diana at Skinnovations! I usually get them filled every 4-6 weeks. They open up my eyes and are maintenance free. :) I also like that it gets me 1-2 hours of alone time! :)

22 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Update

It feels like time has gone by really fast at this point. That first trimester never seemed to end but now that I'm feeling good, the weeks are flying by!

I had an MFM appointment this week and the boys are doing great! Both weighed 14 oz (almost 1 pound each) and were very active in there! We were able to get Baby B's echocardiogram finished as well. Baby A is still head down and Baby B is breech. They pretty much just kick each other the whole time.

This is kind of a short update but not much has changed since last week. No news is good news!

Babies are the size of...Eggplants! The boys are each about 12 inches long and weight about a pound each.

How far along... 22 Weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yep!

Weight Gain:  +2 Lbs this week (13.3 lbs total thus far). 

Workouts: I tried yoga this week. The first class I did was BodyFlow. It was okay. I could do most of the moves and it was an hour long. The second yoga class was a 90 minute Hatha Yoga class. It was pretty hard. My belly is just so big (already)! Even tying my shoes is difficult. I know I should probably do water aerobic classes but I'm just not good at getting outside my comfort zone. Also, it just seems like a pain to have to change and shower and carry wet clothes around haha. Maybe I will later but just keeping up with the housework, kids, and running errands is plenty for me!

Symptoms: The biggest symptom I have is just tons of pressure. So much pressure. It feels like the babies could almost fall out. Standing up is uncomfortable because it hurts so bad in my pelvis. Also, I've started swelling a bit this week. My feet hurt too bad to wear my cowboy boots today. My ring is getting a little tight. The fact that I'm having so many third trimester symptoms this early definitely worries me for what's to come!

Stretch Marks? Not yet *knock knock*

Sleep: Rough week for sleep. Isla was not sleeping well at all through the night and waking up every day at 5 am. On the few nights she did sleep, Avelyn came and woke me up. Once I get woken up, it takes me hours to go back to sleep. I'm pretty exhausted by 1pm. I did figure out that Isla had Roseola and she is getting her 2 year molars. She has been better now with sleeping through the night but haven't quite mastered a normal wake up time. 

Movement? I feel them move quite a bit. Avelyn was even able to feel baby kicks from the outside. She is the first person other than myself who has felt them. She is really excited about my belly growing and hugs and kisses my tummy all the time. She is so excited to have baby brothers.

Genders and Twin Type: Mono-Di, Baby Boys! 

What I Miss... oh just over the whole thing already hahaha <--- keeping this here :)

Food Cravings: Sweets! Finally my sweet tooth has returned LOL! I had a bunch of girl scout cookies this week! I haven't allowed myself to buy any for at least 5 years because I eat them all but I decided to go ahead and give in to that craving. The Samoas are my fave! Probably accounts for the 2 lb weight gain this week ;)

Looking Forward To...Eventually getting to the nursery. I am waiting for Brandon to get home so I can transition Isla to her big girl bed. After that I am giving away all our baby girl items (dresser crib etc) and I can finally start the boys nursery!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

21 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Update

Holy Moly, guys, I am HUGE! My belly just seemed to explode overnight. In fact, every day this week I could see it growing. It's freaking me out a little. I'm pretty sure this is the size I was when I went into labor with Isla! I still have 15 weeks to go!! 

I didn't have an ultrasound or growth scan for the babies since my last post but I had my monthly checkup at the Obgyn office. My belly measured 26 weeks at my appt (20 weeks 3 days). The Dr. still thought that was on the small side but I'm sure if she measured today, it would be a different story. I asked her a ton of questions about delivery and what to expect. She definitely put my mind at ease about things. 

Babies are the size of...Cantaloupes! The boys are each about 11 inches long and about 3/4 of a lb. I will get their exact sizes and weights at this weeks MFM appointment. 

How far along... 21 Weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yep!

Weight Gain:  +2.5 Lbs this week (11.5 lbs total thus far). 

Workouts: I did two workouts this week. Week 1 Legs and Cardio and a half-attempted LISS. Y'all, I think my workouts have just about come to an end. I tried to walk on the treadmill and started having tons of pain and pressure. After 10 mins, I gave up and did the recumbent bike but my legs would swing up and hit my belly with each cycle. I started getting contractions and back cramps. I am determined to listen to my body. It didn't feel good or right to get that cardio in at all this week. I think just keeping up with my housework and two kids is enough of a workout for this momma going forward.

Symptoms: So much better this week. I have had zero pain in my upper abdomen. The nausea is very little and comes and goes quickly. The only new symptom I have (that I've actually never had in pregnancy) is leg cramps. My legs, hips, ankles and feet just hurt. Even when I'm laying down. I have no doubt it will increase in the weeks to come but that one totally took me off guard. I'm also pretty short of breath and tying my shoes is starting to be difficult. Just carrying Isla up the stairs takes a lot out of me.

Stretch Marks? Not yet but I'm trying to prepare myself for them with how fast I am growing.

Sleep: Not bad this week! I fall asleep easily and haven't been experiencing insomnia. The kids have been waking up between 5:30-6:00 every day so that's not fun. Isla is still only taking 30 mins naps but usually sleeps through the night.

Movement? I feel a ton more movement. It's still only felt at the bottom and top of the abdomen since my large anterior placenta covers the middle part. Mostly the movements have been a lot stronger and it's easier to feel two babies moving now!

Genders and Twin Type: Mono-Di, Baby Boys! 

What I Miss... oh just over the whole thing already hahaha

Food Cravings: Protein! Still craving protein! Clearly it's working since my belly and babies are growing so well!

Looking Forward To...I found cribs for the boys and I pick them up tomorrow! So excited to get started on the nursery! I'm also looking forward to their growth scan since it's been about a month since the last one. My last MFM appt was only the echo-cardiograms.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Twin Pregnancy Nutrition

I wanted to make this post to compile all of the information I've been gathering over the last few months. To start, I was pretty overwhelmed with all the conflicting information I was given. One website would say that you only need an extra 300-500 calories a day in twin pregnancy while another book would say I need to be eating 3,500-4,000 calories  a day! One doctor would tell me I only needed to gain 28-40 lbs and someone else would say 45-60 lbs was ideal. In the end, I read everything I could get my hands on and surveyed dozens of twin moms who had successful pregnancies resulting in babies who had great weights and no NICU time. I noticed all of them (Drs and Moms) had these important aspects in common:

Eat Protein (TONS)

My daily goal for protein intake is around 150g. Some days I probably only get around a hundred and others I might actually be meeting my goal. I use My Fitness Pal to track calories a few days a week just to see if I'm where I think I am. 

-2 Eggs on w.w. toast with Avocado + 2 slices of Turkey Bacon
- Oatmeal with Peanut Butter and a Protein Shake
- 2 slices of toast with PB and  a Protein Shake
- Kodiak Cakes Protein Pancakes (egg added) topped with yogurt + Turkey Bacon <--- (This is my most common breakfast since the kids love the pancakes too)

-Ham in a tortilla or sandwich with avocado and leftover breakfast bacon
-Greek Yogurt (2 containers)
-Protein Shake and toast with PB
-Leftover from dinner

- I have been using The Fresh 20 meal plans for four years now and I still love them. They are full of lean meats, healthy grains and vegetables. If I didn't do The Fresh 20, I wouldn't eat any vegetables at all. It's very affordable (the meal plan itself and the groceries required) and my kids eat it too! Dinner this week has included fish tacos and Lamb Pitas (I used Elk meat my husband brought home). When my husband isn't home each meal lasts me two lunches and two dinners so it goes a long way.

- Greek Yogurt
- Cheese Sticks
- Cottage Cheese

In my third trimester I will lower carbs even more and increase healthy fats. I won't have as much room to eat larger meals so calories will really matter!

Vitamins Matter!

Prior to this pregnancy I believed pretty much all prenatal vitamins were the same. I didn't waste money buying fancy vitamins and in my last pregnancy I barely took them. A few twin moms have been telling me how important it is to get enough vitamins to support 2 babies and myself (this was backed up by a research paper I will link at the end). They recommended Metagenics Women's Essential Pregnancy (Buy Them on Amazon Here). I balked at the price at first but after doing a few comparisons, these are the only ones formulated with enough daily vitamins for twin pregnancy.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists published an article for MFMs stating 2nd Trimester Twin Vitamin needs as follows:

Multivitamin with Iron - 2 daily
Calcium 2,500 mg
Vitamin D 1,000 iu
Magnesium 800mg
Zinc 30mg
Folic Acid 1mg
Vitamin C 500-1,000
Vitamin E 400mg

I've been taking the Metagenics vitamins for about a week now and I love them. I take half in the morning with breakfast and half after dinner.

Stay Active (as long as possible)

Most every twin mom hits a point in pregnancy that "staying active" involves cleaning the house or walking. I am nearing that point. Chasing two little one around all day, cleaning the house and running errands is enough for me on most days. I do try to incorporate 1 leg workout a week and go for long incline walks on the treadmill a couple days a week. I will see how long I can keep that up.

Drink TONS of Water

I've been used to drinking lots of water since I've either been pregnant or breastfeeding for the majority of the last 5 years. My water goal right now is 100-120oz/day. So many problems in pregnancy are caused by dehydration and there's absolutely no reason for it (unless you're throwing up constantly). So DRINK WATER!! I have even had to put little boxes in my daily planner and check them off as I go to make sure I get enough each day. The best tip I have is to find a water bottle that fits in your purse and car cup holders and take it with you everywhere. If I will be gone for a few hours I bring two of them. I found these water bottles at Costco that came in a 2 pack and I love them! The glass bottles are heavier than the plastic but I've gotten used to lugging them around. I've also dropped them dozens of times and they haven't broken!

If you are pregnant with twin, I highly recommend reading this article I found. It has been given to many twin moms by their MFM doctors to help them make the right food and vitamin choices. Warning: It's 14 pages long! 

There are so many things that can go wrong in a mono-di pregnancy and to learn that what I eat can help give my babies the upper-hand or even prevent some of the dangerous problems made me feel great! 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

20 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Update

Only 16 weeks left! Honestly, I hate being pregnant. Not because I don't like feeling babies move around or I don't like being huge (well maybe that part a little) but mostly because I feel so vulnerable. Usually I am a very healthy person. I rarely go to the doctor. In fact, I don't even have a family doctor because the only doctor I've needed to see in the past few years is my Obgyn. When I am pregnant, things start hurting. Things go wrong for me.

So far this pregnancy I have had to go to the ER three times (first trimester for IV fluids). Each time I had to ask friends to watch my kids for me, ask other friends to drive me, pick me up. I hate asking for help! I'm sure it's just a pride thing. The last time I was in the hospital, it was for suspected kidney stones. We never confirmed that for sure, but it was the best guess and my kidneys showed a stone on the ultrasound as well as swollen ureters and fluid backed up. Now it seems I am having gallbladder issues (it's possible that's what it was the entire time). My upper back hurts really bad as well as my entire abdomen. I feels almost like a belt being pulled super tightly right under my ribs and then I have shooting pain going down my abdomen and back. It's not fun.

I also hate the not-knowing. Yesterday I made quick visit to my obgyn office to make sure I wasn't experiencing contractions. So far, every time I've been in labor it just feels like horrible stomach cramps. I also don't know if I am being a baby about my pain level or if it is something serious. I usually wait until I'm crying to go to the doctor because then I am sure it's really something.

Last complaint I have this week is that I have had to get yet another root canal while pregnant. Every pregnancy I end up cracking a tooth from clenching my jaw too tightly in my sleep. With Avelyn, I needed a root canal at exactly 19 weeks. Isla's broken tooth was able to be fixed at my regular dentist office but this time I had to go get another root canal to fix the fracture.

So that's it. I'm done complaining. Sorry about that! Usually I try to highlight the best parts of pregnancy but I feel the need to be honest and this week hasn't been super easy.

I had another MFM appointment this week. My doctor is away on vacation so I saw someone else. They did the baby's echo-cardiograms this week. Baby A (Everett) is always super easy to get pictures because is is spread out in there, kicking his brother in the face and hogging all the room. Baby B (Cullen) was curled up face-down and we weren't able to get his echo done. Everett's heart looks great and both babies have normal fluid levels and blood flow.

Babies are the size of...Bananas! From now on, instead of measuring their length in crown to rump we measure their full bodies. This is because they aren't so curled up anymore. At my last ultrasound, the tech said both babies are about 9 inches long. That's 18 inches of babies in my belly! Here is a picture of 20 week fraternal twins in the uterus.

How far along... 20 Weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yep!

Weight Gain:  +1.5 Lbs this week (9 lbs total thus far). 

Workouts: I did two workouts this week. That seems to  be all I am able to do while pregnant. I did PT Week 4 Legs and Cardio and 1 LISS day. I plan to go to the YMCA today and get another LISS day. If I do everything I need to get done in a day, it feels like a workout. My cleaning schedule plus carrying 25 lbs of kids up and down the stairs feels like quite a workout right now.

Symptoms: My main complaint is the pain in my abdomen. I have also started to get pregnancy insomnia. I go to bed easily but if the kids wake me up (Isla is in her 18 month sleep regression) I can't go back to sleep for hours. I have some shortness of breath and feel a little light-headed. My blood pressure has also been elevated for the past week or so (High 130's over mid 80s).

Stretch Marks? Nope.

Sleep: Not the best. Most days I wake up with Isla at 5 am. Hubs has been home so he has been the one to comfort her in the middle of the night when she wakes up but he leaves today so sleep is about to get my worse. I have been wanting to take afternoon naps again but Isla is only napping for about 45 mins in the morning. 

Movement? Definitely feeling more baby movement. Everett was going crazy the whole time in the ultrasound. This might just be my hormones talking, but I felt so bad for poor Cullen getting kicked in the head repeatedly and just curled up. I watched a National Geographic video on Multiples in the Womb and it was saying how one twin can be dominant and show aggression while the other is more passive. It just made me sad. The womb is supposed to be a safe, soothing place right?! Okay I know I sound crazy so I will stop. haha

Genders and Twin Type: Mono-Di, Baby Boys! 

What I Miss... feeling healthy and strong!

Food Cravings: Protein! Still craving protein. Carbs are actually not very appealing anymore. I have been reading about how important it is to eat TONS of protein in twin pregnancy so that's been my main focus. They want you to eat 175g a day. On my best days, I am somewhere around 150g but I average about 100g/day. 

Looking Forward To...Finishing up the girls shared bedroom so I can get started on the nursery.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Weeks 18 & 19 Twin Pregnancy Update - Halfway There!

I missed a week because it has been so busy around here! This will be a sort of catch-all post since I don't remember what happened on what week exactly.

I am over the halfway point as I write this!! Since the maximum allowed gestational age for modi twins is 36 weeks, 18 week is my halfway point! It feels like time is going by MUCH faster now that I'm not puking all the time.

Brandon came home just in time for Christmas and we had a great holiday. We went to Christmas Eve service at our church for the first time! For the past few years, it's been held too late in the evening for the kids but this time it was at 3.30. I loved getting to involve the kids and it was a beautiful service! Right after Christmas we drove to East Texas (Beaumont Area) to visit Brandon's Grannies. Before our trip, Texas got hot again. It was in the mid-80s and the AC in my Saturn Outlook had gone out a few weeks prior. We had already decided to get a minivan since my current vehicle can't accommodate all four car seats so we decided to just do it that day! It was a super smooth process and we are now the proud new owners of "White Lightning"!

Somewhere in Week 18 I had my first MFM appt with my new high risk dr. I LOVE HER! I am so glad I went with my instincts and switched, especially before this appointment. The ultrasound tech found a "structure" on Baby A liver. It is about 1/2 a cm but seems really large on such a small baby. We spent most of the appt focusing on that. They still aren't sure exactly what it is. It could be a calcification so that's what I am hoping for...the other options are a lot scarier. The great news about it is that there doesn't seem to be a blood vessel feeding it (even though it was hard to see since baby is still so small). I am praying it just disappears on it's own!

Dr. McDonnold was an amazing ally to have for this appointment. She was concerned about it and asked her partners at the office to weigh in. She is having it closely monitored and since she is on vacation for my next appointment (this week) she sat down and had a meeting with the Dr that will be seeing me in her place. I feel so relieved that is on top of it and I don't have to go out of my way to research it and play my own doctor. In fact, she advised me not to google it so I don't scare myself unnecessarily. I just loved that she was so easy to talk to and didn't treat me like I wouldn't understand her technical terms. I did ask some other twin moms if they had seen anything like that and a few of them responded that they had and either it went away or it never grew in size and baby was born totally healthy!

I have still been feeling pretty good lately! The nausea has been a little worse for the past couple days so I am going to re-up my dose of Diclegis until it gets better. I have a sinus thing going on that is making my life completely miserable. I can't breathe through my nose and I have a lot of pressure and pain in my head. I also haven't been as hungry as I was before.I am really going to start focusing on protein. I still love those Orgain Chocolate Shakes but will use greek yogurt instead of my Bulgarian and snack on cheese etc.

Babies are the size of...Grapefruits....The babies height reaches the half of their height during birth and their weight reaches 300 grams. We are heading into another growth spurt! The babies internal organs are fully developed with the lungs and the central neural system being the most intensively developing ones.Both babies measured right on track at the last appointment. Here is a picture of fraternal twins in the uterus.

How far along... 19 Weeks 1 day

Maternity Clothes? Yes! Maternity pants and shirts are all I am wearing now! Most of the maternity shirts are still a little too big in the belly area but I'm sure I won't be saying that for long!

Weight Gain:  +2.5 Lbs in the past two weeks (7.5 lbs total thus far). 

Workouts: I did two workouts in Week 18 but none since then. Christmas was crazy and we only just got back in town a day ago. I plan to head back to the gym monday!

Symptoms: It's been a great week pregnancy symptom wise. Peeing every five mins has begun and that made a 5 hours road trip a little tough. Also having this awful sinus problem and not being able to take most drugs that would help is hard.

Stretch Marks? Not yet! 

Sleep: It's been great for sleep until today. I am typing this up at 4 am. It's so hard to sleep when you can't breathe! My neck was super stiff and I woke up with a headache. I took a long hot shower and I am drinking some tea.

Movement? I am feeling much more movement these days and while it's a relief, it's usually just a little kick or pop here and there. It's stressful to not know if BOTH babies are moving or just one. In my previous pregnancies, movements were easy for me to feel (no anterior placenta those times) and I knew that the baby was okay when I could feel her. This time, I only know one baby is okay and it does stress me out a bit.

Genders and Twin Type: Mono-Di, Baby Boys! 

What I Miss... breathing through my nose!

Food Cravings: Protein! (still)

Looking Forward To... My appt this Thursday to check on Baby A.