Saturday, April 22, 2017

35 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Update

I made it to my goal!!! I can't even believe it. The relief is palpable. Whew! We did it boys. :)

This week has been very uneventful and I can't say I mind one bit. I had my MFM appt on Wednesday where both boys passed their BioPhysical Profiles with flying colors. However, Baby A turned breech again (seriously, how is there room for all this flipping). Baby A's head is tucked in a way between my ribs that the sonographer couldn't get his MCA dopplers (those are the ones they do on his brain). Baby B is so low in my pelvis that they couldn't get his either. The Dr said that because they have had zero issues up to this point, she isn't worried. We were still able to get their cord flow etc.

I had my obgyn appt yesterday afternoon and again, both boys passed their BPPs very quickly. I also had my first NST. An NST is where they hook up two heart rate monitors (one on each baby) and a contraction monitor to  my belly and see how babies respond to my contractions. They run the test for 30 mins. I always have tons of contractions in the afternoons and the NST showed they were 5-7 mins apart. The boys responded just like they should. My belly measured 40 weeks so they've definitely grown! Hallelujah!

Brandon asked me yesterday what was planned for this weekend and I told him not a single thing. I feel a bit like poor April the Giraffe must've felt. Nothing to do but sit around and wait on babies to come. The contractions have picked up in the last few days and are more intense. I also start getting some in the mornings now. My cervix hasn't changed since my last preterm labor scare though so I don't take them seriously. The hospital couldn't accommodate my requested induction date of April 30th/May 1 so I had them move it to May 2nd & May 3rd so one of my favorite obgyns in the practice could deliver me. I don't really think I will make it that far but you never know!

Babies are the size of...2 Honeydew Melons! I have my final growth scan this coming Wednesday but according to my baby app the babies should be about 5 lbs each. I'm not sure if this is accurate for twins (the app is for single baby pregnancies) because I know twins slow their growth after 32 weeks. It would be nice if it were true though!

How far along... 35 Weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yep! 

Weight Gain:  2.8 lbs (37.9 lbs total). I was a little shocked to see the number on the scale jump so much this week. My appetite hasn't been all that great and I don't have much room in my stomach. I sure hope every single one of those pounds went straight to the babies!

Symptoms: There is weird symptom I keep forgetting to mention. I have a pins and needles feeling in a spot under my left boob. It doesn't bother me but I assume it's from the baby pressing something up there. I can feel a foot when I push into it. :) Other than that just the usual contractions, cramping and back pain. I have to say the cramping and back pain has gotten much worse this week. 

Stretch Marks? Still just the tiny one above my belly button.

Sleep: Not too bad. Still just waking up to pee most nights but I fall back asleep quickly. Lately, I fall asleep within 20 mins of getting in bed. We go to bed right after the kids do so that's pretty early. I'm usually asleep by 9:30 and wake up around 5:30 or 6. 

Movement? They are still kicking up a storm in there. Baby A is breech and his kick are powerful and go straight into my right hipbone area. Baby B's kicks feel more subtle but are aimed in my upper left rib cage.

Genders and Twin Type: Identical Baby Boys!

What I Miss...  I mentioned here last week that I had been depressed. This week has been much better. I saw a posting for a hair model to go to an Aveda salon and get basically free highlights, shampoo and blowout. I love the way Aveda salons smell and it has been a long time since I've been to a salon. I was there for about 4 hours and it was so nice! Not only did I walk away with pretty highlights but I got a hand massage, scalp massage and overall just was pampered. It really helped turn my mood around and I've been feeling better ever since. It's the little things. :)

Food Cravings:  Smoothies! Since there isn't much room, I drink a smoothie every day for breakfast. I use the Vega Protein with Greens powder, some frozen mango/papaya/strawberry/pineapple blend and orange juice. It is so good!

Looking Forward To...meeting the babies. Up until this point, I've been really scared about their birth. and having preemies. Starting yesterday, I am ready for them to be born. I want to see their faces and start our next chapter! My friend Karyn came over yesterday and helped me clean up their car seats and pack my hospital and diaper bag. We are ready!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

34 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Update

I'm not really sure where to start because this week has been all over the place.

Last Sunday I went into labor. I was sitting in church and started having very painful contractions back to back. I tried to excuse myself to walk around or sit somewhere comfy but I couldn't even get out of my chair for a few minutes. I walked around a bit and when they only started to get worse I called the OB on call. They had me come in. 

By the time I got to L&D I was in so much pain. I couldn't stand up during a contractions and I was shaking and crying. I felt like the babies could come at any minute and that terrified me because I was only 33 weeks. When I arrived they checked my cervix and I was 1 cm 30% effaced. An hour after I got there I was 2 cm and 80% so they started me on the highest loading dose of Magnesium Sulfate. That stuff isn't fun at all. It felt like my veins were gasoline lit on fire. My whole body was burning up from the inside. The arm where the IV was placed hurt so bad. I had them turn the AC in my room all the way down and had myself covered in ice packs. The worst of it was over after an hour and then they kept me on the highest maintenance dose for 24 hours. They also gave me another steroid shot for the babies' lungs and told me if we could hold off labor until 24 hours after the second dose, it would give the boys the best chance for their lung development.

The doctor also hooked up my epidural not because I couldn't tolerate the pain but because it has also been shown to help slow down labor and relax the uterus. The next 24 hours is pretty hazy. I know my blood pressure dropped to a scary low because I remember them giving me Ephedra in the IV. I hated getting all those drugs. It's funny because I've never been a proponent of natural, un-medicated birth before and now I am leaning that way. I hated not being able to move my body, the catheter, the things pumping my legs. I felt like a paralyzed orca whale. Not fun. 

I know with twin pregnancy they highly-recommend (some drs even say its mandatory for vaginal delivery) an epidural because of what can happen after the first baby comes out. Baby B can flip over and the dr will have to put her whole arm up there to grab feet and pull down. Also the chance of c-section is so high (same reason I have to give birth in an OR) and they want to have a line in place otherwise I will be put to sleep in the event of an emergency c-section. I did write up a birth plan this week and I plan to at least delay the epidural until the last possible minute. I was released on Tuesday, 24 hours after my second steroid shot and even though it was kind of a nightmare I am glad I went in and they were able to stop it and give the babies longer in my womb. 

I've learned that twin labors actually take longer than single baby labors because your uterus is so stretched out that it cannot contract enough to get your cervix to dilate effectively. When I got to the hospital the monitors showed what the nurse called "coupling and tripling" where I would have 2-3 contractions on top of each other with a 1 minute break at the end. Most women go into labor a few times before they actually give birth to their twins. It seems kind of unfair to me.

34 weeks is a huge milestone for twin pregnancy because after today, if I go into labor again they won't try to stop it. Even though babies born at this gestation still usually need NICU, there aren't any long-term health complications from being born this early. Also twins are naturally better developed at 34 weeks than a single baby. The majority of twins are born between weeks 34-36 so I know they can come at anytime. 

A great piece of news I got this week is that sometime Tuesday night, Everett flipped and both babies are now head down! Yay! I knew he had been trying to flip for a couple days because of the pain in my pelvis and ribs and I am so grateful he was able to get there. Also the presenting twin (Baby B) has moved lower into my pelvis and is at -1 station (ready to pop out) so my belly measurement changed from 41 weeks to 38 weeks. We also set an induction date (even though no doctor thinks I will need it) for April 30th.

Babies are the size of...2 Pineapples! We had a growth scan this week and Baby A is measuring 4 lbs 4 oz while Baby B is measuring 4 lbs 9 oz. That is exactly average for twin their age. It still seems really small to me but gestational age matters more for how well they do once they are out than body weight does. 

How far along... 34 Weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yep! 

Weight Gain:  0 lbs (still 35.1 lbs total). I am still eating high-calorie foods but it seems the babies are taking every single calorie I put in. I am happy they are still growing even though my weight has leveled off.

Symptoms: Period-type cramping in my pelvis is almost constant. I think this is from both babies being head-down and the limited space in there. I am also having more back pain and the contractions I am having are more intense and painful than before. My uterus is just so stretched out. I've also started to lose my mucus plug (tmi) but I did that with Isla for two weeks before I had her so it doesn't worry me much.

Stretch Marks? Still just the tiny one above my belly button.

Sleep: I have to sleep sitting up more now because the heartburn is so bad. I still get up about 6 times a night to drink water and pee but overall I don't feel too bad about my sleep.

Movement? Their movements are more painful now. Their legs and feet are folded up under my ribs and with each contraction their head get shoved deeper into my pelvis. This stage of pregnancy is quite painful all around. I am just checking off each day as a win and surviving until they are born.

Genders and Twin Type: Identical Baby Boys!

What I Miss...  I have hit a wall the past few days. I am actually pretty depressed. I don't want to see anyone or talk to anyone. I just want to hide in a hole until the babies come out. I know it's just hormones and once the babies come I will feel much better.

Food Cravings:  Ice Water and salty foods

Looking Forward To...not being in pain. While part of me is so excited to meet the boys, the other part is so scared about them being born early. I've never had a preemie baby before. I also cannot wrap my head around the fact that I am having TWO babies. I was trying to picture it while I was in the hospital and I just couldn't. 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

33 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Update

I can't even believe I am 33 weeks! That means I'll be meeting our boys in 2-3 weeks! Ahhh!!! Usually pregnancy seems to drag on at the end but this time it feels like it's coming too fast. 

I have started biweekly dr appointments. I go to my regular OB for a Biophysical Profile and Dr Visit and then I see my MFM for the same but we add a growth scan in every other week. Yesterday, they measured by belly and it's the same size as someone who is 41 weeks pregnant with one baby!! The boys passed their BPP's in less than 5 mins. They are very active and strong. I am so happy with how they are doing! This pregnancy has been scary at times and knowing we have almost made it to the finish line is such a huge relief. Thank you God for protecting those sweet babies and helping us all stay healthy!

Babies are the size of...2 Pineapples! They are each about 17 inches long and weigh over 4 lbs! 

How far along... 33 Weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yep! Most of the tops I have been loving are too short and I am so hot that shorts are all I'm wearing. I can't bring myself to wear the maxi dresses because I seriously look like a house! Those dresses aren't kind to a short pear-shaped woman with a huge belly.

Weight Gain:  -1.2 lbs! (35.1 lbs total) So weird that I've lost weight this week. I think it's because there is just no room for food in there. I try to eat as much as possible in the morning and midday because by 3 pm I am just too full to think about food. I feel bad for losing weight so I've been trying to drink a protein shake for dinner and have a bowl of cereal before bed.

Symptoms: Still having lots of contractions. My belly feels so incredibly heavy now. My feet and ankles have started to hurt and they swell a bit if I've been up walking around too long. My fingers have been swelling a bit too. The weather has been pretty mild with lows in the 50's and highs in the 80's but I am so hot all the time. Heartburn is non-stop but I do my best to keep it under control with Zantac 150 twice a day. I've started to get some cramping and back pain as well. For the past few days it feels like my body has starting switching into high-gear, getting ready for babies to come. I hope to keep them in until at least 35 weeks but we will see!

Stretch Marks? Still just the tiny one above my belly button but it looked like it grew an inch or two yesterday. Still not sure. It's hard to tell because my skin is stretched so thin I can see all my blue veins.

Sleep: I hear so many women at this gestation complain of sleep problems but honestly I think it's going great. Maybe because I've been chronically sleep deprived for 4 years now. lol I wake up to pee half a dozen times a night but I go back to bed. I have to use pillows to support my belly and I change position frequently because my hips will ache after I sleep on one side too long. I haven't gotten my afternoon naps in lately but I'm still doing okay.

Movement? These boys are very active and very strong! I can tell they are running out of room (or have already) because when I am sitting one is kicking really hard low in my pelvix and the other one has his feet stretched to that tiny gap in my rib cage between my boobs. It's hard to imagine where else they can go!

Genders and Twin Type: Identical Baby Boys!

What I Miss... meh

Food Cravings:  Ice Water and Fruit

Looking Forward MFM visit this week! I usually see her every week so it's hard to miss a week. I just wanna make sure they are growing okay!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

32 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Update

This week was much better than the one before it! First off, my hubs got home and he will be here for 6 weeks! I can't believe the next time he goes back to work, we will have 2 new babies in our house! I don't think you can ever prepare mentally for twins...there's not category in your head for even though I know logically we are having's going to be such a shock to actually see them and hold them!

I can't wait to see what they look like...will they favor Avelyn or Isla? Will they actually look identical? Will I be able to tell them apart? To me, most babies born premature aren't very cute (just being honest!) ...more alien-like...but I'm sure as a mom I will think they are the most handsome little creatures on the planet!

Lastly, I am absolutely over the moon happy that I've made it to 32 weeks! Praise God. Seriously. I know it's been all of the prayer we have received that has enabled me to carry them this long. I trust God's plan for their delivery. I want them to be born as late as possible (36 weeks) but I know if it's safer for them out than in, God will make it happen. So thank you for praying for me and these boys!

Babies are the size of...2 Buckets of Popcorn! I had a growth ultrasound on Tuesday and Everett weighed 3 lbs 11oz and Cullen weighed 3 lbs 9oz!! That just seems so big to me! Praise God that Everett has not only caught up, but is the bigger baby!!!!

How far along... 32 Weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yep!

Weight Gain:  +3.6 lbs! (36.3 lbs total) Yup..weight gain is still not slowing down at all! Usually this would totally freak me out, but knowing how big the babies are and how well they are growing makes me feel so good! My goal for this pregnancy was for each twin to weigh 5 lbs at birth so fingers crossed!

Symptoms: The only new symptom this week is the heaviness and pressure I feel in my pelvis. At my ultrasound on Tuesday, Baby A had turned breech and Baby B was head-down. I feel a lot of kicks on my right hipbone area so I think that's still the case. Still lots of contractions but only a few times that were really bad...the rest were just normal tightening. My back has started to ache. I feel really lucky this hasn't happened until now and I know I have my amazing chiropractor to thank! I see him every Monday religiously. Walking has become a definite waddle now and I have pains in my belly and my hips when I stand up or walk too long (more than 30 mins). 

Stretch Marks? So far just that weird thing above my belly button. It seems to be my the piercing I used to have just ripping underneath my skin. Nothing else yet. Knock knock.

Sleep: I really am not complaining about this area. My hubby is back so I can nap every day. I usually take a 1-2 hour nap around 11 every day. I wake up frequently to pee at night but I can usually go right back to sleep. I also wake up dying of thirst. I chug about 50 oz of water throughout the night and have to refill my cup with ice over and over.

Movement? YES! You would think they are running out of room but the movement has gotten more intense if anything. They have very strong legs! If I run my hand lightly over my belly, they will respond with rolls and jabs. I can poke a little bit and they kick back. My belly feels so different with this pregnancy than with my others because there are body parts sticking out everywhere. With my singletons, I could guess where a butt or a head was but unless the girls were kicking me I couldn't feel much else. These boys on the other hand..I can feel the whole leg, knee's really crazy. I rub their little legs through my skin (which feel paper thin at this point).

Genders and Twin Type: Identical Baby Boys!

What I Miss... who feels like I've been pregnant for an eternity so I don't remember what to miss.

Food Cravings:  These San Pelligrino Limonata Sodas! It's so weird because I've never been a soda drinker or lover of carbonation...but I can't get enough of these things. I try to limit them to one a day because they do have sugar. I love tangy lemon flavor!

Looking Forward To...finishing the boys room!!! Shannon and I did the dresser and it turned out 1,000x better than I expected. I also finished the nightstand. There are just a few things left to do like put away the clothes for the dresser, organize the closet, put in the lamp, get a throw blanket, a laundry basket, and some wall art. Almost there!!